About Me

Hi my name is Joanne Faulkner and I absolutely love internet marketing and more specifically Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I have been able to create myself a sustainable income from online activities generally through affiliate marketing.

I go about my daily life by doing the things I love.

I love to research new trends and then dig into those markets to find little hidden gems to generate an income from.

I love SEO because I have total control over my assets. A lot of people like to have a Facebook page or email list to market to, but I feel those strategies just don’t fit the bill of a legitimate business for me.

With SEO I can build my own website, then have it rank on major search engines for specific terms associated with the products and services I’m promoting.

I know for a fact Google frowns upon affiliate sites, and that is why I try to add value to the internet first, then try to make a sale second. I feel the people landing on my websites appreciate that fact as well.

So if your interested in learning how to make an income from online activities, then I highly recommend you follow me here on this blog and I will pass on my favourite tips and strategies to make the most of the internet.